Hello Everyone. 👋 I'm

Ritesh Kushwaha

Serial Entrepreneur, Author & Innovator.

With a knack for leveraging the power of creativity to do wonders,
Let's connect & help each other grow?

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I'm Currently acting as Founder & CEO of Easira, writing stories for DaevaVerse, Doing UI/Ux & Graphic Design for some Non-profit organisations and managing Team Ugra.

I specialize in product design for both the web and mobile apps and thrive in 0 → 1 work. My focus is in design leadership, visual design, user experience, and design systems. I also code for the web with a focus on PHP, React, CSS architecture, and component systems.

I'm currently available for design advising roles for almost every stage of a startups and projects for apps, podcasts, and websites.

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A Lamp representing Spiritual growth
Here's what I did so far

250+ Poetries 20+ Stories 45+ Digital Arts 10+ Articles 50+ Freebies 10+ Songs

I have come a long way, as with time I learned a lot. but even after counting down all I have accomplished so far, it feels too little. I reqeuest for you to support me in ways you can & hang on tight as there's more coming.
Craze News UI Concept  by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha


dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly multiplatform-based products that help businesses.

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jazylhdraws DTIYS Challenge Participation by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha

Etsy Shop

In my free time, I create posters, stickers, resources and more that I sell on Etsy.

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AI Generated UI Example by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha

Medium Blog

Where I post bits and pieces of work that I am able to share publicly, Be it design or anything else.

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Aang & Abhimanyu Anime Spirituality Art by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha


seeking a meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself for growth & peace.

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Growth is my passion, and I love to share it with the world

CPanel UI Design in CSS by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha

Innovation-based Solutions

dedicated to creating innovative and user-friendly multiplatform-based products that help businesses and organizations reach their desired potential on multiple levels.

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Two Lovers Sleeping in a bus, Art by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha A Glowing Bird Flying in the Night Sky, Art by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha A Bengali woman Dancing, Art by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha A Vigelante Superhero Concept Art by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha

Art & Illustration

Always exploring new ways to create and express myself through art, it have become my escape from reality, I enjoy painting, sketching, doing Digital Arts & Illustrations.

Been doing it ever since I was a kid, & even when I don't get much time never actually stopped drawing. Thanks to that now I've good understanding of Art styles & painting. It's been more than a year and have created 100+ Artworks on my phone.

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Legends of The 9 Unknown, A Story  by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha Avatars: The Beginning of A New Era, A Story  by Aiedrow | Ritesh Kushwaha

Stories & Poetry

Stories like The Nine Unknown & Fire and The Frost Saga are truly few of my best works based on the sheer research and planning that was done for them, As stated before I've been writing stories for DaevaVerse. At the same time poetry being the soul of my artistic expression helps me in my quest to growth & I love it for that.

What's DaevaVerse My Poetries
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Let us Revolutionise The World for Better.

We can use technology to improve the way people have been learning. We can Create products to seek out and help those in need. We can always help make the planet a better, safer & cleaner place with new solutions. You up to change the world with me? If you have an idea or you want to contribute in some other way, How about we have a talk?

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